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Paranormal State - Season 1

The show follows members of the famous Penn State Paranormal Research Society as they investigate alleged paranormal phenomena at reportedly haunted locations across the country. Story also features their hectic lives as college students and faculty.

Teen Mom 2 - Season 08

Continuing season 7, Jenelle Evans, Chelsea DeBoer, Kailyn Lowry, and Leah Messer must struggle with the ups and downs to balance their lives with children. How will they deal with difficulties to navigate their first years of motherhood?

You Me Her (2016) - Season 01

An American-Canadian television show that revolves around a suburban married couple who is entering a three-way romantic relationship, otherwise known as a polyamorous relationship. Emma and Jack Trakarsky are totally in love but seriously lacking spice.

RuPauls All Stars Drag Race - Season 01

RuPaul plays the roles of host, mentor, and source of inspiration for this series, as contestants are given different challenges each week. RuPaul's Drag Race employs a panel of judges, including RuPaul, Michelle Visage and a host of other guest judges.

Hollywood Game Night - Season 6

In this season, each week two people compete with each other, but each person has a team of celebrities for assistance, vying for the opportunity to take home a $25,000 cash prize.

Ice Road Truckers - Season 7

In this season, Hugh Rowland returns to the winter roads with a grudge and a goal: run his previous employer out of town. VP Express finally delivers their first loads of the season, but after a heated confrontation with owners Hugh Rowland and Vlad Pleskot, new hire Art Burke falls behind the bosses on the way back home.

Celebs Go Dating - Season 03

In this, Nadia Essex and Eden Blackman returned as the dating experts, along with receptionist Tom Read Wilson.[5] Psychologist Dr. Pam Spurr helped the celebrities get in touch with their feelings and analyse their body language.[6] The series features same-sex relationships for the first time, as well as blind and silent dating.

Hunting Hitler - Season 3

Season 3 opens with Bob Baer recruiting a terrorist targeting officer, Nada Bakos; the team uncovering two planned escape routes for Adolf Hitler; Tim and James discovering a vast tunnel system; Lenny and Gerrard investigating a massive compound hiding under the perfect cover.

Comic Book Men - Season 4

Season 4 begins when a customers with a rare and nearly unique collection of Rocky action figures appears and wants to sell his fortune. Meanwhile, Kevin decides to send his beloved daughter Harley to learn to be a clerk at the Stash.

Ultimate Beastmaster - Season 2

In this series, athletes from the U.S. and other countries must compete with each other by running one of the most physically demanding obstacle courses ever to gain cash prizes, individual glory and national pride.

The Eric Andre Show - Season 1

Every opening of the show starts with an announcer saying "Ladies and Gentlemen, it's the Eric Andre Show!" as Andre begins to destroy the backdrop, desk, and various furnishings as the opening song is played on by the stage band.

Hill Street Blues - Season 03

Season 3 opens when Kozoll left the show at the end of season two, replaced for the most part by Anthony Yerkovich (who later created Miami Vice after leaving Hill Street Blues at the end of this season) and David Milch.

Dance Moms - Season 2

In the second season of the famous Tv show ‘’Dance Moms’’, there some changes in the team to prepare for the new competition: Vivi-Anne’s position is replaced by new dancer. The ALDC and Candy Apples Dance Center are to perform at the upcoming competition for the first time,etc.

Hells Kitchen (US) - Season 18

In the first episode of the season, chef Ramsey invites eight past contestants to compete against eight rookies.

Last Chance U - Season 2

Continues the previous season, season 2 makes it clear that Wagner’s decision, which she discusses openly with players on the show, was influenced by her frustration with mercurial coach Buddy Stephens. They are the protagonists of the series and although they never interact their narratives could not be more intertwined: Stephens attempts to change, and Wagner struggles to figure out whether she can stay when he doesn’t...

Impractical Jokers - Season 7

Continue following The Tenderloins, lifelong friends on a mission to embarrass each other. In the season premiere, the guys get sassy while posing as auto parts salesmen, then head to the mall where they try to reel in unsuspecting shoppers.

Mountain Men - Season 01

Have you imagined that you live in wild area without modern tools? Meet Eustace Conway, Tom Oar and Marty Meierotto, three men who have devoted their lives to survival in its simplest form. But how simple is it really? What can they do to survive in hard condition?

Pandoras Box Unleashing Evil - Season 02

Pandora's Box explores what happens when a garden-variety crime ignites a startling chain of events and unravels a tangled web of terror. Just when authorities think they've cracked the case, a new detail reveals they've only scratched the surface. It returns with season 2 in December 31, 2017.

Home Movies - Season 4

The film begins when Brendon, Jason and Melissa attend Camp Campingston Falls for the summer, home to stifling heat and crappy music counselors. Meanwhile, McGuirk's camping trip with The Crywalkers, a sensitive men's group.

World of Dance - Season 1

The series features dance performers, including solo acts and larger groups, representing any style of dance, competing for a grand prize of $1 million.

Glitch - Season 01

It follows Senior Constable James Hayes, a police officer in the small town of Yoorana, is called out to the local cemetery in the middle of the night and makes a discovery that turns his world upside down. Six people have inexplicably risen from the dead in perfect health

Survivor - Season 32

For season 32, three tribes, "Brains", "Brawn", and "Beauty", spend a grueling 39 days in Cambodia, but only one will win a million dollars. Castaways include Big Brother contestant Caleb Reynolds, and former NBA player Scot Pollard.

The Perfect Murder - Season 04

The fourth season of the series begins with New York City fashion photographer Joel Schoenfeld is shot dead in his Greenwich Village studio. What secret will detectives uncover ?

SafeWord (US) - Season 2

In Season 2 opener, longtime friends Michael B. Jordan and Steelo Brim go head to head with help from Leonard Ouzts, Carly Aquilino, Jessimae Peluso, Damien Dante Wayans and Tiffany Haddish.

Million Dollar Listing New York - Season 1

Million Dollar Listing New York is an American reality television series follows some of Manhattan's most relentless realtors as they close multimillion dollar deals faster than a yellow cab runs a red light.

World of Dance - Season 2

Season 2 opens with elite dance acts from all ages and dance genres enter the arena to showcase their artistry, precision and athleticism to move forward in the competition.

States of Undress - Season 02

Continuing season 1, the film follows Hailey who tries to show the audience what the world wears, and why. She decides to meet the Americo-Liberians trying to shake Liberia out of a cultural coma by hosting "Fashion Week Liberia."

Home Movies - Season 2

Brendon runs for school president, but trouble starts when Shannon endorses his candidacy. When Shannon uses his prediction of Brendon's win to join the inner circle, Brendon must decide how to handle things.

Hotel Hell - Season 02

Ramsay checks into a New Mexico hotel that's run by an owner who's more interested in singing than in managing the property. And when he is here, he finds that why a hotel in such a famous city can be terrible? What will he do to make it better?

The 4400 - Season 04

The 4400- season 4, an American science fiction TV series is released on June 17, 2007. In the fourth-season opener, the NTAC deals with a new director and a high-school student who developed a special ability after taking promicin. Meanwhile, Tom (Joel Gretsch) visits Isabelle in prison and Diana searches for her sister, who took promicin.
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